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Why is Web2.0 Marketing so Powerful?

Targeted Demographics

We are now at a time that a great and growing population is giving more attention and time on social networking platforms and less on other traditional media (television, newspaper, radio). Not only teenagers and university students are on Facebook now. The fastest growing sector being 35 years old and older, the social networking channel has been extremely valuable to marketers and advertisers.

Viral Marketing

Despite the evolving distribution channel, the golden marketing rule remains, word of mouth marketing. This most effective form of marketing is accelerating at a greater pace than ever now emerged with social marketing platforms. Facebook wall, instant message, social network applications and more create an emerging cycle for effective viral communication among friends and clings. We innovate creative social marketing applications that provide greater ease and strength to distribute your messages across the globe.

Lower cost

Contrary to CPC (paid search marketing), and other traditional marketing tools (email, direct marketing). There is no cost for each thread distribution.

User engagement / interaction

Many applications are in the form of games, tools, discussion forums. Users are highly engaged with Facebook application. Users rather being passive receivers of the marketing messages, they are invited to actively participate in the marketing process, and which is often referred as core of Engagement marketing (or experiential marketing). It is well believed that such technique build strong and long-lasting relationship with the motivated users.