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The 18-25 age group remains to be the largest facebook population in both US and Hong Kong. Furthermore, facebook is able to capture a greater amount of age 26-34 users in Hong Kong than in other countries (e.g., US). This turns out to be encourging for Hong Kong Marketers as we anticipate higher spending power.

Some Cool facts:

  • More than 350 million worldwide, 150 Millions of which are active users (log-on daily).
  • More than 2,600,000 Facebook users in Hong kong
  • 35 year old and older turns out to be the fastest growing age group.
  • An average user has 130 friends
  • Over 70% of Facebook users participate in any application on the platform.
  • 15,000 websites and more have been interconnected with Facebook to enhance their site performance.

Fb Users Age Distribution in US

Fb Users Age Distribution in Hong Kong

~0.91 M users in Aug 07; ~2.4 M users in Oct 09